Pixel art by Nisse Borin

this page contains some graphics (95-98) by former demoscene artist thor/tpolm alias mahavishnu nisse.

all images are scaled 200% ~ max.colors used: 256 ~ software: dp2 PC. most of the photorealistic elements are based on poorly scanned images, scaled & color-reduced in photoshop, exported to and repainted with new unique colors in dp2. the logos and the rest is original and all deluxepaint 2.

contact me at nisse@sote.se if you want, i make vectors sometimes

logo for smoke amiga demo (girl from some fashion magazine) '97
logo for smoke amiga demo '97
homage to carlos made pardo , coop with fthr (based on photo by unknown)
no idea what this is supposed to be (girl from some fashion magazine)
portrait of a friend, andreas lundgren (based on photograph)
milk-woman flower logo (girl from some fashion magazine)
pulse logo for pulse, a gift for unreal! the miles davis of the demoscene
obviously unfinished spaceballs logo for spaceballs
exceed logo for exceed, as seen in riprap
game graphics for Housemarque's "Pro bass fishing" (4 colors)
title screen for Paragon 5:s "Hardcore Pinball" on Gameboy Advance (secret assistance on this one;)
mobile phone logo for Rojo Monkey surf & skate label
teenage anxiety?
the yellow spunky flower
i honestly don't know, deliberately weird :) coop with fthr productions
tpolm logo from around '96
another oldie
norska fabler logo drawn at some party in 2 hours (unfinished :D)
old cartoon pic, fish from the comic strip "Ernie" for the "artgroup" tea.
nybakat joke logo showing off the marvellous scale & rotate tools in dp2!
"Tea"-logo for the artgroup with the same name, ca 1996
16-color pic of a naked lady, my first real dithering experience, early 96
very unfinished logo co-op with croaker / tpolm & halcyon
my first real antialias challenge, the drawing wasn't mine, forget where i found it. used in EMPIRE demo by tpolm
ok - and now we get to the non-zoomed oldies i just dug up-section:
this one was for a pc demo called "netty" by tpolm 1997?
16 color VGA 640x480 (hires!) logo for tEA. i was real proud of this one ^^, 1995
something for fender/sonic clique, friend from gothenburg i lost contact with :( 1997
i guess i really liked him :) 1997
coop with fthr, actually he did almost all of this :D 1997?
an alternate version of the "boxing made" for an Acme demo they never got around to finish, i think? 1998
a logo coop with fthr, again he did most of this, think i just wanted it to be shown somewhere :) 1997
another 16-color VGA pic for a tEa artpack. for the "art" scene. 1995 (obviously a Lucky Luke-repaint)
pic for some intended tEA art pack, 1995
ad for a stockholm-based bbs called goop. the text is an awful joke. it was a cool bbs though, the sysop was called tobbe, forgot handle
logo for a trio group called "gash" which never released anything. this is practise i guess... 1995
ironically, this was never used in any production. i think! 1995
practise, 1995
more practise, 1995
banner for some amiga diskmag called the night train. dunno if ever used, 1995